GIZ technical assistance to the Domitexka fully-integrated textile plant in Kaolack and the NSTS factory in Thies has produced satisfactory results for these two industries, which have been struggling in recent years. Thanks to the involvement of international textile expert and engineers, a diagnosis of the existing production equipment was carried out and the requirements for revival the machinery were estimated. In October 2021, Domitexka welcomed a dozen international experts thanks to the collaboration with GIZ. This mission enabled an assessment of the investment and new acquisition requirements, and an estimation of the financial costs for the relaunching process.

Thanks to GIZ’s contacts through its network and partners, Domitexka applied for the call for projects with IFE “Invest for Employment”, an investment mechanism created by the KfW Development Bank on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). DOMITEXKA has signed a grant contract of 5,700,000 Euros to implement a project estimated at 13,591,802 Euros. The grant was obtained during the first call for projects proposals in 2021. This co-financing will create 2,000 new direct formal jobs and 2,200 new indirect jobs involving other companies in the textile value chain, which will be able to develop their activities through the implementation of this project.

A complete relaunch of the integrated plant, from spinning to weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, etc., will start from 2024. 

GIZ has also already supported the rehabilitation and equipping of the Domitexka technical training center, so that it is now operational again and young people can be trained there and be employed in the plant.