On the Colobane market, an animated square in the heart of Dakar, second-hand clothes merchants negotiate daily amid hundreds of clothes called “feugue-diaye”, the term in wolof langage for second-hand clothes imported by the thousands of tons into Senegal every year. In Colobane, as in other popular Dakar markets, these importations arrive in balls and are resold at modest prices. Although this corresponds to a segment of the population with modest financial resources, the situation took a new dimension in recent years, as textile industries, including garment industries, have stopped their activities!

The opening of Rahma Confection in Diourbel, an initiative launched by the local ASISPEV association in collaboration with the German association Justine, the German brand NOHNEE, and GIZ, has enabled a new garment unit, already employing around 50 young people, mainly women.  

Seven (07) master tailors from the Diourbel region were trained in Benin at the NOHNEE production site providing technical training in January 2024. 

In April 2024, with the installation of the equipments, training officially started, with the Benin team moving to Diourbel in Senegal.

This is a continuous practical training program, and as soon as the fundamental technical skills are validated, production will start, providing items for the national and international markets.

This production will gradually be based on local raw materials: fabrics made in Senegal from yarn woven from cotton grown and harvested in Senegal by Senegalese farmers. An integrated and consolidated value chain creating wealth in Senegal and promoting job creation for senegalese youth and specially for women.